Fortengordel 2018 : 100 years later

On Sunday May 20th you can visit 24 forts in the province of Antwerp during the 10th edition of the Fortengordel. The Poldermuseum in Lillo Fort is opened from 10h00 exclusive for this Fortengordel. This is the first time that the public can witness the exhibition “Marten Melsen and the Great War”, organized by the Koninklijke Heemkundige Kring van de Antwerpse Polder and Stichting Marten Melsen VZW. This is a unique exhibition about the work of the artist, who was born in Brussels and lived in Stabroek, from the period 1913-1919. Also letters and photos of this same period out of the collection of Melsen are exposed.

Further more there is an exhibition of photos of the battle fields in our country during World War I. The museum is located in the Tolhuisstraat 10-16 in 2040 Lillo (Antwerp). For more information you can visit